At the age of 17, Jodie decided that she had to do this thing.  She couldn’t stop writing songs – everywhere she went she would see inspiration for new ideas and lyrics, and the songs kept coming…so she made herself some EPs and hit the road performing!  It wasn’t long before people realised she was actually quite good, and by the age of 18 she was getting some good gigs under her belt, including performing as support act for Van Morrison, Roy Wood and Midge Ure, to name a few.  Her song ‘It’s like love’ (written at school) got into the BBC’s Top Ten Unsigned songs list online, and her debut album recorded at home was played in stores across the UK, and became the hold music for the UK chain store ‘Next’ for a year.

After a considerable step out of performing to get married and start a family, Jodie and her husband Joff Alexander-Frye began to “find their sound”, and slowly became more and more influenced by folk (both American and British) and bluegrass.  They performed at folk festivals around the UK, and – inspired by having children – Jodie produced her own album of lullabies called ‘Sing me to Sleep’ (available on iTunes).

At the beginning of 2015 Jodie casually said she might put together a Christmas EP, and before long she was at the piano writing about snow in April, and loving it!  That October Jodie and Joff went to the Sound Mechanics Studio in Devon, and spent a couple of days recording Jodie’s Christmassy songs as naturally as possible.  “I wouldn’t let anyone plug in a guitar, it had to be mic’ed up.  I couldn’t bear to use my electric piano, it had to be the real thing, so we mic’ed up our piano at our house and recorded it. The result is a rustic, organic sound, and it’s even a tad out of tune because the piano is a bit out, but I like it that way. And I hope everyone else will too!  I figure there’s enough polished music out there already, let’s do something different.”  ‘This Christmas’ was released on ITunes and all other digital platforms on 1st December 2015.

Currently, Jodie is back in her music room, writing, writing, writing! Her lifelong dream has been to write for Disney and so she has been practising writing in those styles very intentionally since the start 2016. “I feel like I’m getting somewhere. I feel really excited to wonder what sorts of songs I might be coming up with in a years time. I love how the years and practise mature and hone the songwriting skills.  Writing these Disney songs has been the most fun experience of writing to date – the occasional one will be a real challenge but mostly I write with a huge grin on my face, and love getting into the story and the characters!  Who knows where it will lead exactly, but a job writing for musical film would be a dream come true!”